Kiwi Alan came to France at a young age to race bikes. He met his wife Marie whilst racing and now spends his summer in France guiding our bike tours and his other summer (some people have all the luck!) in New Zealand where he has his own company providing personalised fly-fishing trips.

Alan has been leading our French Cycling Holidays since 2005.Alan lives in Brittany with Marie and they often work together on tours. They specialise in the north and west of France, so our Brittany, Normandy, Loire, Dordogne and Bordeaux tours, as well as Burgundy in the east.


Mountain bike racer David has been with us since 2008. He has guided nearly all of our tours at one point or another, and has also introduced quite a few other guides to the job. David spends the winter snowboarding in the Trois Vallées area of the French Alps, where he lives with Susan.

Coming from a background in engineering and Formula One, which took him around the world, David is fanatical about the maintenance of our bike fleet!

Janice & Graeme

Our two Scots ran their own outdoor activity centre in Loch Lomond, Scotland, for 10 years before moving to France so they have a wealth of experience in leading active holidays. They are very experienced cycle tourists, having toured extensively in Europe by bicycle and trailer, carrying all they needed with them.

They have a great knowledge of all things French and with their easygoing manner, will make you feel right at home and help you get the most out of your time in France.


Jeremy escaped from the rat race to go travelling, and one of the nicest places he found on his travels was Montpellier in southern France, so he decided to spend a few years in that vibrant city. He started with FCH in 2007 and has since returned to the UK, but pops back over to France to guide tours in his favourite areas of Provence and Languedoc.


John moved to France on retiring from his globetrotting career in finance. He and his wife Bernie have settled in the Languedoc where they have built their own house. Our longest serving guide, John has been leading bike tours in France since 2003.

Specialising in Provence and Languedoc, John also takes tours further afield in the Alps and Pyrénées. He spends the winter riding his bike with his local bike club in Pézenas and looking after the garden!


Co-founder of French Cycling Holidays, he and partner Ruth formed the company to share his passion for good food, good wine, bicycling and all things French (not necessarily in that order) Mike is responsible for planning of the routes and selection of hotels, so if he is guiding on your trip please feel free to give him your suggestions!


Co-founder of French Cycling Holidays, Ruth is primarily responsible for administration of the company, but when the opportunity arises loves nothing better than to get on two wheels to lead out our bicycle tours.

Simon & Sarah

Simon along with his partner Sarah cannot decide if life is better in the office or out on the bikes. We said why choose?! So they now do both!. Simon has been with French Cycling Holidays since 2009, and Sarah since 2015 both with mountain biking backgrounds they work great as a team both in life and when leading our tours!


Susan came on one of our trips and liked it so much she decided to stay and become a guide. Well really, she liked her guide David so much! She moved to France from Canada, changed careers from high finance to cycle guiding, and she and David now often lead tours together, whether through the vineyards or up the mountains.

Susan has competed in many triathlons and other races, and is thoroughly enjoying immersing herself in the French way of life, living with David in the Trois Vallées area of the Savoie.